Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Geocaching in Great Falls

    There are over 100 geocaches hidden within the city limits of Great Falls.
    On many Saturdays that my wife and I don't have anything planned, we will take the GPS and drive around town looking for the different things that are hidden by other geocachers.
    On one occasion we took a walk from the box cars on the River's Edge trail out towards Rainbow Dam and found all of the caches that were hidden.
    We found five or six caches that day hidden in places like next to the Black Eagle Dam overlook, the bridge by the Fish and Game building, the bridge over a creek out past Giant Springs, and under the railroad trestle near Rainbow Dam.
    The day was warm and sunny and we had our pet Schnauzer with to walk with us.
    Danice and I have been able to get exercise on these walks and spend a lot of time outdoors, which is where we like to be.

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